Trust, Safety & Insurance

Dryvar is a service that prides itself on trust. Our ability to ensure the safety and security of our drivers and riders during on route is the most essential aspect. That is why our riders and drivers can trust Dryvar knowing that they are in good hands.

Passenger Safety 
Before your trip

Safe pick-ups

Dryvar uses the location on your phone to find your exact location. You will receive a notification once your driver has arrived at the pick-up location. 
Fairness Policy
Our app will automatically match ride requests with the nearest available free driver to the passenger.
Ride Safety
We perform a police clearance on our drivers.
Passenger profiles
As the rider, you will be able to view driver details like the name, vehicle license plate number, driver’s rating and the driver’s picture once you have had your trip request accepted. This will ensure that the rider enters the correct vehicle every time. 


On Route Getting You There Safely
Share Your ETA
Share your Estimated Time of Arrival with your friends and family so they can track your route and know when to expect you.
Share your driver’s information
Once the driver has picked you up at your destination, you would be able to share the driver’s details like their name and license plate number with your friends and family so they able to know which vehicle to expect when you arrive.
Always on the map
You are able to follow your trip in real-time so you always know where you are. Our drivers have also been instructed to have their phone device on a stand to show the exact route they will be taking.

Driver Safety
Before the Trip

Masking Calls

The Dryvar app uses technology that is able to hide riders and drivers phone numbers to keep contact details confidential. Every time rider and driver contact each other, your personal information stays private and discreet.
No anonymous pick-ups
To ensure the safety of our drivers, anonymous pick-ups are restricted. Dryvar requires all users to create an account, providing their contact information like their name and contact number. This information is useful because you will know exactly who you are picking up.

On Your Way – En Route
Always on the map
GPS data is logged for every trip so we know who you’re driving and where you’re going, which promotes responsibility, accountability and encourages good behaviour.

In – Navigation

When a rider enters their destination, you will automatically receive turn-by-turn direction via google maps so you can focus on the route and getting there safely.

Beyond the Trip

Driver feedback

At the end of every trip, you can rate your rider. Reviewing these ratings helps us to make sure all your passengers will be as mannerly and considerate as you the driver. Riders who are found to be in breach of this will be reported violating our terms of service may be prevented from using Dryvar.